Live music has always been a major part of my life, starting at my first concert to see Hanson at just 6 years old with my dad and my sister. From there, we followed the boys every time they were in New England, and I quickly realized why live music was so important, and why it made me feel the way I felt. Every single person at a show is there for the same reason - to hear live music. Whether it is their favorite band or a new one, witnessing all of the shared excitement throughout the crowd of fans is priceless.

Noah Kahan

State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Noah Kahan's music has not only carried me through the most difficult year of my life, but has inspired me to start photographing live shows. I had the incredible opportunity to experience Noah, Dylan, Marcos, Noah and Alex interacting on stage. They truly put on an amazing show, and it was evident how much fun they had working together to share all of their talents with fans that traveled near and far for the popular Maine show. I mean, he wrote a song about Maine, with an EP about Cape Elizabeth. A band after my own heart.

Adam Melchor

State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Adam Melchor grasped my attention when telling a story in words about a Chevrolet truck that was stolen from his parents' driveway. But it was a story that meant so much more than a missing automobile. His talent of telling this story in a song with words combined with his acoustic guitar was definitely enjoyed by every person in the theatre that night.

A Day To Remember

Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA

The band members from ADTR brought such a pleasant treat to their loving fans - a fully acoustic tour. The surprises held within this show had the entire crowd going wild every single song. Although the venue was a theatre setting with seats for each fan, nearly every song had the fans out of their seats. When playing the first note of I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made of, I think the majority of the fans were standing ON their seats. Everything came full circle for me as I started listening to their music during a major struggle in my life from age thirteen. Thank you boys for quite literally just existing, and having us all in our feels that night.